Acoustic Loog Guitar
Acoustic Loog Guitar
Acoustic Loog Guitar
Acoustic Loog Guitar
Acoustic Loog Guitar
Acoustic Loog Guitar

Acoustic Loog Guitar


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A Childrens’ Acoustic guitar can be an essential learning tool in early child development. The original natural Loog is designed to help kids build an interest in music, even at a young age. The Acoustic Loog is cute and small, but it’s not a toy. The Loog acoustic is a real guitar, made out of real wood that sounds amazing whatever style you play. Because it only has three strings and a narrow neck, it’s easier for small children to form chords and make sense of what they are playing. The Loog guitar makes a great childrens’ acoustic guitar as it can be strung as a classical three string guitar or a steel string acoustic guitar. The body is made of bass wood and has a beautiful tone, while the neck is slim and easy for kids to transition up and down the neck.

The Loog original acoustic (natural rosewood) comes unassembled so you can have fun putting it together with your kids. This is a great bonding experience between parents and their children, to build their Loog together and share their love of music.

Loog Guitars come with a free instructional book with songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and more. The free instructional app has a tuner, a monkey drummer and video lessons designed to get you playing songs -not just scales or exercises- on day one. (available free on Apple and Google play stores)


  • • Easy to play and grip 3-String electric guitar kit
    • Uses the 1st three strings of Guitar to make transitioning to 6 strings seamless
    • Adjustable-height bridge for low string action
    • Award-winning design approved by educators
    • Comes with a Free Instructional App
  • Scale: 540 mm
  • Length: 740.5 mm
  • Width: 223 mm
  • Depth: 66 mm
  • Weight: 1.0kg
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